I am a sponge when it comes to consuming information about development topics. As developers, we don't have a choice - we need to stay current. While I'm a big fan of using RSS feeds (such as Feedly) and developer link aggregation sites (like Morning Dew), one of my favorite ways to consume information is with podcasts. That way, I can consume information whether I'm driving around, working out, or at my desk.

Here are some of my favorites.

.NET and Microsoft Specific Podcasts

  • .NET Rocks - every .NET developer's podcast list should start with this. Carl Franklin (@carlfranklin) and Richard Campbell (@richcampbell) have been running this podcast for almost 1600 episodes. They discuss various .NET topics, from the high levels to the little details.
  • The .NET Core Podcast - Jamie Taylor (@dotnetcoreblog) has a great podcast completely devoted to .NET Core. He has great interviews and you'll always walk away learning something new.
  • Channel 9 - you are probably more familiar with Channel 9 as the Microsoft video stream, but an audio version is available as well. The topics are varied and updates are pushed several times a day.
  • MS Dev Show - Carl Schweitzer (@carlschweitzer) and Jason Young (@ytechie) run an awesome podcast with in-depth discussions on various Microsoft development topics.
  • Windows Weekly - while this isn't strictly developer focused, I like to listen from time to time to understand what's new with the Windows ecosystem.

General Development Podcasts

Any other suggestions? Let me know!